Product Overview

Our optimized system and innovative product line combine geotextiles and specially designed drainage cores. From retaining walls, concrete slabs, trench drains, and athletic fields, AWD is the trusted name working below the surface to ensure the surrounding earth is dry, solid and secure. AWD prefabricated drains provide an engineered response to a variety of drainage problems by collecting and redirecting water away from a structure or site.

We manufacture an extensive line of products to address drainage requirements for a broad range of construction applications. Our prefabricated drains consist of formed three-dimensional polymeric cores combined with a geotextile. The core offers strength to withstand soil pressure and provides a secure flow channel for collected water. The geotextile retains soil particles while allowing water to freely enter the drainage core. Our sheet, strip, combination and wick drains provide an engineered response to your drainage problem.

AWD's drains are a great economical alternative to pipe and stone. Unlike pipe and stone systems, AWD products are manufactured to meet ASTM standard physical and mechanical properties. Design considerations typically include three basic physical properties: water flow rate, core compressive strength and ability of the geotextile to filter soil particles.