richmond & harley power plant - st. thomas & st. croix, virgin islands

Richmond & Harley Power Plant
Richmond & Harley Power Plant

Project Overview

The U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) and Vitol Virgin Islands Corporation began the process of switching from using oil to propane for their power generation needs. The decision was made to store the propane in 315 ton underground storage tanks due to limited space, as well as potential damage due to hurricane/tropical storms.

AWD’s SITEDRAIN Sheet Drain was chosen to line the outside of the tanks to provide subsurface drainage and relieve hydrostatic pressure build-up. Hydrostatic pressure could cause the structural integrity of the tank to fail, which could lead to harmful substances being released from the tanks, potentially causing harm to the environment and citizens of the Virgin Islands. Extensive water surrounding the storage tanks, could also lead to displacement of the storage tank from the original installed location.

AWD’s SITEDRAIN Sheet Drain was installed while the tanks were above ground, eliminating the need to have traditional pipe & stone drainage systems installed below the surface, before the tanks were placed.

Over 300,000 SF of SITEDRAIN Sheet Drain was installed on 18 different storage tanks that were placed throughout different locations in St. Thomas & St. Croix. The project was sold through a distribution partner of American Wick Drain.


Project Information

Product: SITEDRAIN Sheet 93 (167,600 SF), SITEDRAIN Sheet 183 (137,800 SF)
Market: Civil & Site
Application: Underground Storage Tank