Drainage Solution Applications

Civl Site Drainage Solutions

Civil & Site

AWD geocomposite drainage solutions are available for most civil engineered and site work drainage applications.  AWD SITEDRAIN geocomposite drainage products incorporate a wide range of standard or custom geotextiles to meet your design needs.  Whether you need basic protection, AASHTO M 288 compliance or a custom-built solution, AWD has a product for your design and your budget.

Transportation Drainage Solutions


AWD geocomposite drainage products are approved by State DOT agencies across the USA for subsurface drainage applications to protect highways, bridge approaches and abutments and tunnels.  All AWD SITEDRAIN products are available with a wide range of geotextiles including AASHTO M 288 Class 1, 2 or 3 classifications.

Landscape Drainage Solutions


AWD strip drains are perfect for providing a low cost, effective solution to managing excess water in residential and commercial green areas.  The increased open area geocomposite drainage products offer ensures maximum collection of subsurface water in minimal time.  Retrofitting drainage in green areas can be messy and invasive, but AWD strip drain products provide installers with a minimally invasive solution to control excess water and the cost of installation.

Soil Consolidation Drainage Solutions

Soil Consolidation

AWD manufactures a wide range of standard and custom Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) products for use in soil consolidation applications.  AWD’s PVD products are manufactured in the USA and continue to be the industry leader for over 30 years on projects worldwide.

Athletic Field Drainage Solutions

Athletic Field

Excess moisture in an athletic playing surface creates many challenges.  Excess moisture can lead to damaged playing surfaces, a loss of playing time and most critically, reduced safety for players.  AWD geocomposite drainage products ensure that subsurface water is quickly and efficiently collected and conveyed away from the playing surface to ensure maximum safety with minimum downtime.

Residential Drainage Solutions


AWD geocomposite drainage products can be used to alleviate excess moisture problems in a residential setting.  AWD sheet drain products can be used to protect basement walls from excess moisture and when combined with AWD combination drains, provide a first in class solution to a common everyday problem.

Commercial Building Drainage Solutions

Building Solutions

AWD provides a wide range of products designed to collect and convey subsurface water around Institutional, Commercial and Industrial structures.  Some of the common applications associated with these types of structures include the following.  If you don’t see your specific application listed, please contact us.

Sustainable Drainage Solutions


AWD geocomposite drainage products provide an efficient and affordable way to collect and convey onsite stormwater for secondary reuse or detention/retention.  AWD products may also contribute to Sustainable Sites (SS) category credits in the Rainwater Management category of LEED v4.  Contact AWD for more information.