Stormwater detention basin - louisville, ky

Stormwater Detention Basin
Stormwater Detention Basin
Stormwater Detention Basin

Project Overview

 A detention basin at a large multinational retail corporation had a build-up of sedimentation at the headwalls which caused backwater and a scoured low flow channel, which led to the basin not draining properly.

Instead of installing a perforated underdrain system, the contractor used American Wick Drain’s SITEDRAIN Strip Drain 6000 due to the increased collection capacity, longevity, and lower installation/excavation costs.

 Prior to the installation of the AWD system at this site, during storm events the incoming flow to this dry detention basin would short-circuit to the outtake pipe, rather than flowing out into the basin floor. Now, with the vertical strip drain installed in this flat, over excavated dry pond, there is increased opportunity for:

  • TSS removal

  • Infiltration & ground water recharge

  • Overall improvement of water quality and pre-treatment of effluent discharge

  • Reduction of nutrient/hydrocarbon loads

 American Wick Drain was consulted by the stormwater contractor to help design and provide material for the project. AWD kept in touch with the contractor throughout the entire project to ensure the material was designed and installed properly.

Stormwater Detention Basin
Stormwater Detention Basin

Project Information

Name: Stormwater Detention Basin
Location: Louisville, KY
Designer: Design Build

Product: SITEDRAIN Strip 6012 (12" x 150')
Market: Civil & Site
Application: Stormwater Detention Basin