If you landed here because of our obnoxiously bright sticker, thank you for your interest in or use of AWD SITEDRAIN geocomposite sheet drain products. 
If not the sticker, please read on and learn why sheet drain products are STEP ONE to a more efficient and less costly drainage system. 

AWD SITEDRAIN Sheet Drains create a barrier between solid structures and saturated soils then collects that water while keeping soils in place. 
Collection of subsurface water is STEP ONE; STEP TWO is to convey that collected water away from the structure. The most effective and cost efficient way to manage that is by using geocomposite Strip Drain. 
AWD SITEDRAIN Sheet Drain and Strip Drain are made for each other and connect simply and easily to create a drainage system. 

STEP THREE is to convert the AWD SITEDRAIN Strip Drain to a pipe for final conveyance to a collection point, like a manhole, drainage box or simply to daylight. 

There you have it.  Easy.  Simple.  Effective.


AWD-103 - Retaining Wall Drainage - Sheet & Strip Drain - Image Only Model6.jpg

About Strip Drains

American Wick Drain manufactures SITEDRAIN Strip Drains as an effective alternative to traditional pipe and stone systems, providing subsurface drainage of water at the base of structural walls. Strip Drains are crafted with geotextiles and specially designed drainage cores for a more earth-friendly approach to drainage than traditional pipe and stone. SITEDRAIN Strip Drains require less materials and deliver more efficient results.

Strip Drains have over 60% open area for water collection, compared to just 3%-5% for perforated pipes, allowing you maximum collection with minimized clogging potential. No heavy equipment is required, saving you time in equipment, materials, and manpower. SITEDRAIN Strip Drains are often half the cost of pipe and stone.

Typical roll sizes used at the base of structural walls are 6” x 150’ (or) 12” x 150’, as well as AWD’s complete line of fittings that convert collected water from prefabricated strip drains to pipe for evacuation to daylight. Please contact your local distributor or AWD at 800-242-9425 for more information.